Email Marketing

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.”

— David Newman

Email Marketing.. Old but Gold!

Email marketing is still one of the most important marketing channels in the world and there are many reasonable reasons for this:

1- It’s cheap(er) than other marketing channels
2- Covers wide range
3- Make a personalized business relationship with customer
4- Higher ROI (Return on Investment). Average of €37:1 which 1 in 5 companies report of €70:1! FANTASTIC
5- Fully measurable. You can see who opened your email and how many times. You can see which link is clicked and so on…

Email Marketing is Gold!
We believe this pinch of information helps you to (re)think about Email Marketing Campaigns.

Major Marketing Channels ROI

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It’s a trap!

Email Marketing is not only sending one or a series of emails via your mailbox or a free platform. You can get easily banned by servers as a spammer if you don’t observe strict rules and regulations of email marketing. Watch out!

No worries.. We know how to do it perfectly!


What we offer

  • Campaign planning and management
  • Full detailed report and analysis
  • Creating Professional Email Templates
  • Landing pages
  • Graphic design and image optimization for email campaign
  • Website Opt-in forms (Lead generation)
  • Facebook sign up setup
  • Facebook customized messenger on your website (Lead generation)

Which platform is suitable for you?

It can be varied depends on the size of your email database (number of subscribers) and number of emails you want to send  out monthly. Our experts will offer you a suitable platform that meets your needs.

Start your marketing campaign today!

Level up your business with professional Emails

Like a Charm…

Level up your business with professional Emails

Like a Charm…

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