We are here to help each other to retrieve the ultimate power of heart and use the brain as a powerful tool to make this happen!

Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

Life is a mountain of solvable problems, and I enjoy that.

The Story

Minerva Mission

With the aim of speeding up the newcomers’ integration with Dutch society and increasing the chance of being employed or starting a new business as an entrepreneur, Minerva Squad is conducting a variety of educational workshops and short courses for newcomers to level up their core knowledge and help them to find and follow their own ways to a successful life.

Minerva Squad is providing commercial services such as business consultancy, web development and digital marketing for the Nederlands market, giving students the opportunities to work in genuine projects, from marketing till the delivery!

What Minerva Does

Minerva Squad’s first priority is to enable newcomers to become integrated into society as speedily as possible by designing and conducting up to date educational courses and workshops. The Squad select, design and deliver all courses having regard to market needs and trends.

The plan is to attract genuine commercial partners and projects so that students can be practically prepared, confident and knowledgeable for their journey into the workplace.

Minerva Squad is developing highly specialised courses for marginal and niche sectors – women, school/college leavers, the over 50’s and so on.

Minerva Tribe

The student journey continues beyond course time as the Minerva Tribe offers a community of support, update and ongoing communication with the aim of keeping students updated and connected to the market as much as possible.

Each student will become a member of the Minerva Support Community (MSC) and can either offer or receive support and encouragement here. The whole community benefits from these shared experiences.

This is where poeple can put their experiences in to the practice by helping new comers and also learn more from others in the community.

Who We Are

Minerva Squad is a team of 3 experienced in a range of industries and sectors. We are culturally different and come from a variety of countries but share a common goal. The goal is “to ease and shorten the integration process for newcomers by empowering them with suitable core skills and practices”. We strongly believe that if we give them the opportunity to learn new core skills to find out what they really love to do in their lives and help them to find their own path along with improving their Dutch language, they can be successfully and pleasantly integrated with the Dutch society.

Shahrooz Farahmand

Shahrooz Farahmand

Founder / Squad member / Iran

I’m Shahrooz, a refugee who knows and feels the pain and the daily struggle of a newcomer in  the journey of integration with Dutch society. This is the main motivation of Minerva Squad.

I left Iran 11 years ago, studied and worked in Malaysia for about 8 years and now with 20+ years of fruitful experience in IT and Marketing and authoring of 7 books, I have only one ultimate goal in my heart: Minerva Squad for life!

I’m a natural-born teacher and inspirator. And as a teacher, I love to learn in many different ways from an academic book to having a deep mediation on a fringe topic! and then to spread what I’ve learned and experienced.

I love to help people to enjoy their lives by learning new stuff, gaining new experiences and by that making the world a better place to live for all of us.

I believe there is an ultimate formula for endless happiness and we all are in a deep need of knowing, believing, learning and mastering it!


  • The Golden Formula!
  • Web Design & Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Digital, Content & Email Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Creative Design
  • Photography
Adrian Samuel

Adrian Samuel

Squad member / United Kingdom

Following a full 20+ years professional legal career I found my creative edge. Businesses I now run in NL and UK encourage others how to move from “safe” to “risk” to energise sales and develop visibility in this noisy World.

Others describe me like this:
empathetic, quick thinking, honest, open to ideas, brave, energetic.
and I say I am:

conscientious, dedicated, tenacious, pragmatic, adaptable, enterprising, resilient and curious.

I have high level oral and written communication experience, performance in direct sales and as you would expect of a trained lawyer, tactical, analytical and negotiation skills.


  • Presentation skills
  • Selling (you) skills
  • Wellbeing in and out of work – how to handle disappointment, re-energise, interview rev ups, meditation or yoga for work
  • Integration
  • Language (English) skills
  • Confidence building
  • CV’s and beyond
  • Fear and finding your roar!
Nico Knoester

Nico Knoester

Squad member / Netherlands

Finding a job, keeping this job and accelerating a career is the ultimate goal for most people during their stay in the Netherlands. Short or long. To reach this goal you’ll have to expand your skillsets. As a language teacher I can gladly help you increase your dutch vocabulary. This is sometimes difficult and takes always longer than previously anticipated. It is however an important first step you’ll need to take.

The awesome thing about Minerva Squad is their desire to train people in 21st century skills. To prepare them for the future so they can participate in the still ongoing digital revolution instead of being victimized by automation. In other words: ‘Future-proofing learning for life!’.

Refugees can start anew. A perfect opportunity! No one wants to start building a career that will end somewhere in the near future. Planning your future and knowing what you want is therefore essential. Earning yourself a spot in a so-called ‘kansberoep’ is a necessity.


  • I love Teaching & Training
  • I mastered the Dutch language
  • I teach Oriëntatie op de Nederlandse Arbeidsmarkt
  • I train Inburgering en STEX
  • I like computers
  • I dabble in Photoshop

Minerva Squad — A life-Changing Educational Academy


Help “Newcomers” to learn new topics, update their knowledge and gain the confidence to integrated to the Dutch society faster and easier. Yes, it is a commitment and requires your time, but what you receive in return cannot be compared with anything. You are not only helping a group of people but a country!


We help you to learn high demand topics and update your knowledge by participating in real projects from A to Z. It gives you the confidence to start your own business or find your dream job. Our courses and workshops will aid and assist you to integrate the Dutch society better, easier and faster. Netherlands is your new country!

One Day Life-Changing Workshop

A brief introduction about the workshop

by Shahrooz & Adrian (45-60 min)

  • Knowing each other
  • Talking about the workshop and what we can get from it
  • A wonderful personality test with a calming relaxing way to find out our beliefs, understanding of life and weaknesses (if any)!
  • Discuss about the result in general and explain what each part of the imaginary journey means in your real life


by Adrian (45-60 min)

Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fearDoubt, uncertainty, anxiety about ourselves our capabilities stop us doing so much and stand in the way of our doing the best for ourselves.

We will open up the box that says “FEAR” on it and look inside examining:

  • What if I fail
  • What if I look bad
  • What if others think I am stupid
  • What if others think I am not very good
  • Strategies for coping
  • Q&A


The Golden Formula!

by Shahrooz (45-60 min)

A short yet effective and powerful talk about decision making and how finding the true path for our life.

Some covered topics:

    • A Socratic question: how LIFE should be treated!?
    • It’s all about Decisions
    • Change… this is what you need to know!
    • Are you knocking the right door?
    • Is there a single unique all-in-one formula for living our lives at its best? YES!
    • The Golden Formula!
    • The story about my journey
    • A Practical exercise
    • Q&A
* Workshop locations and schedule will be announced soon. (in Amsterdam and Rotterdam)



The review/testimonial of a group of 15-20 newcomers after a “One Day Workshop” with 4 different topics from each of the squad members will show how practical, efficient and suitable our multi-dimensional courses would be.

Coming Soon!

What We Need!

We need your help and support to find interested organizations and companies as sponsors to cover our financial expenses, providing us necessary equipment, and an appropriate location to conduct our life-changing courses.

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Email: [email protected]


is the Roman goddess of wisdom and the sponsor of arts, trade, and strategy. The owl is a universal symbol of wisdom.


is a small group of people trained to work together on a particular task.

Improvement. Confidence. Integration.

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